Insnap Technologies Pvt Ltd

A Day of Adventure and Warmth: Fun is Constant at InSnap

After a year of hard work, our InSnap team went on an office excursion to the Discovery village in Bangalore.  

Excursions improve work culture and team building. We want our employees to not feel stagnant and bored. Off-road trips, camping and other adventure activities make life and work enjoyable. Young professionals of today often have to relocate to a different city for professional reasons. And eventually, they get distanced from the warmth of their families and loved ones. That’s one of the reasons why we start bonding with the people around us in the office. Teammates and colleagues become friends once we get to know each other. At InSnap, learning is fun.

When you step out of the office, you see a new fun side to the same people who sit and work with you every day.  Unlike the usual meetings and conferences, an office trip is informal. Traveling with your office mates doesn’t limit the places you can visit and the things you can experience together. There’s no forced participation or evaluation at stake here. Therefore, we at InSnap wanted to use this great opportunity to have some interactive and fun exercises.  

At the discovery village in Bangalore, we organized such activities. After picking up everyone on the bus from the office, we went to our destination with the vision of knowing each other better and having a lot of fun. The only fitting description for the trip would be ‘amazing.’ Everywhere people could be seen moving excitedly from one ride to another. We also had music with us throughout, which improved the experience. We divided the entire gathering into various teams, played games, competed healthily with each other, made massive use of the swimming pool, and sang and danced our hearts out. 

On this action-packed day, where adventures and thrilling rides were our constant companions, we naturally got pretty exhausted. Hence, it went without saying that the perfect end to this wonderful day could only happen by means of a great dinner. We retook the bus and entered Absolute Barbecue to feast on some delicious food. When we all were dropped safely home, all of us had some goodies. The teams that won and ended runners up got rewarded, and also, individuals who stood out through communication, humor, collaboration and discipline were met with presents.  

Dining and outing experiences make our teams bond better, and we at InSnap strongly advocate doing anything that makes coming to work is something that we all look forward to.