Insnap - Benefits of choosing

Benefits of choosing InSnap

Established in 2018 with the mission to make a difference in the computer software industry, InSnap Technologies armed with actionable insights and an AI driven platform, helps you power-up your data analytics, optimizes campaigns and triggers meaningful conversations with clients belonging to a broad range of industries. Despite growing and evolving with experience, we have managed to stay true to our founding principle: better solutions and convenient services at lower prices.  As a result, today, InSnap clients can still find with us not just the solution, but the optimal one.

Now, you must surely be asking this question to yourself that how will this help you as an employee? We operate in a way that will help feel valued within a community and help you discover a better way to impact the industry you’re a part of. InSnap provides additional career advancement opportunities to its employees. Programs for on-the-job training and job placement opportunities are always present for employees who wish to advance their careers at InSnap. We appreciate mobility- if you are in a role and want to leave to try something new, it is highly welcomed. You can be operations manager one day and move into HR the next. A wide variety of experience is a guaranteed at InSnap and that is sure to boost your resume.

If you need funds from your paycheck sooner than your scheduled payday, InSnap always allows it. This allows InSnap employees to receive their eligible earned pay whenever they choose. Besides that, every month you will have a number of leaves allotted to you; if you opt to not use them don’t worry as you can always use them later. Your saved leaves will keep on getting added up; InSnap employees will never be stopped from getting their deserved breaks. Other than that, if you have asked by someone or if you choose yourself to upgrade your skillset by buying a course or a program, the company has its set of reimbursement guidelines that will always have you and your expenses covered. 

Our job is to tap into as many opportunities as possible so that you as an employee can get the growth that you’ve never experienced before. We encourage our employees to stay committed to long term goals and never sacrifice that for short term results. We not only recruit top talent but also groom them in accordance with our values and principles so that both our business operations and your career aspirations can benefit from it. InSnap surrounds an employee with extremely intelligent individuals which motivates you to always give 100%. 

Being an InSnap employee does not limit you to only working on exciting and innovative projects, as we also offer a full range of benefits that support you and your eligible family members. Our benefits start right from the moment you start working for us. For regular full-time employees, we provide health care, parental leave, policies that help you save for the future, and other resources to help health and well-being. We support employees throughout their lives. Once you commit to us, we make sure to celebrate your growth and achievements with directives that make your life better and of course, with a lot of love. Collaboration is always a two-way relationship. Just as we trust your commitment, you can also rely on us for assistance. We grant interest free loans to our employees whenever they are eligible for it.

Our mission is to ensure that every employee feels safe and supported in the workplace. A healthy and happy workforce that spreads mutual respect and harmony without discriminating against each other is our goal. InSnap stands against discrimination of all forms; nothing but your commitment and hard work matters to us. Regardless of characteristics like gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ethnicity and nationality, we hold everyone equal and at par with each other. Our leaders promote inclusion and also support people who stand for it. Providing everyone with equal access to opportunities and resources is a fundamental principle of InSnap. 

We invest completely and comprehensively in various forms of upskilling training to retain our employees. Continuous learning expands an employee’s abilities and minimizes skill gaps. Technology continues to rapidly change the way we operate. Our lookout is to consistently add technical knowledge and skills sets to our employees. Teamwork is no good without cooperation. We also keep on organizing off-road trips, camping and other adventure activities that make life and work enjoyable. We want our employees to not feel stagnant and bored. At InSnap, learning is fun. We are always adding infrastructure and facilities to make sure that coming to work is something that every one of us looks forward to. From providing lunches at office to boxed meals, snacks and taking teams out on dining, InSnap is all for outing experiences. In a workplace environment, it is not always possible to understand and know your fellow employee. Such experiences offer that insight- often that helps us coordinate and perform better.