Insnap - Roles and responsibilities of out employee

Roles and responsibilities of our employees 

InSnap is a diverse and inclusive workplace that promotes trust and commitment amongst all our employees. We ensure that every employee feels safe and supported; a healthy and happy workforce that spreads mutual respect and harmony without discriminating against each other is our goal. We encourage people from a wide variety of backgrounds to work with us. InSnap stands against discrimination of all forms; nothing but your commitment and hard work matters to us.

The true assets of the organization are the employees as they offer their strength for the efficacious working of the organization. There are few roles and responsibilities for every employee in our organization. There are two categories of roles and responsibilities. The first would be about technical expert role, where the employees are to work in a skilled manner. The second role would be the social role of the employee which takes into account the management process. 

If your role is that of technical expert, then you should be possessing competencies and adequate skills so that different tasks can be handled by you. You have to ensure that they work as per the mission, expectations, objectives and goal of the organization. If you’re a hiring manager, then it is your job to decide the perfect candidate thinking about the success and welfare of this organization. A hiring manager performs recruitment which opens up good faith and hard work for an open diversity. They are responsible for filling the positions of various units in the organization. 

The main role and responsibility of the employee is to work for the accomplishment of goals which assist in reaching objectives. Apart from performance management activities, the employee and the manager should work together to set goals. It is the employee’s responsibility to keep track of the goals success improvement and associate with the manager regarding the status. As an employee, you should not forget that the organization runs because of its profitability. So, in every task that you’re given, that should be your primary look out- to generate revenue. 

InSnap ensures fairness and equity for all employees. Regardless of characteristics like gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ethnicity and nationality, we hold everyone equal and at par with each other. Our leaders promote inclusion and also support people who stand for it. We promote an inclusive work culture where every employee can take part fully in the organization. Providing everyone with equal access to opportunities and resources is a fundamental principle of InSnap. We want our employees to be concerned about their careers- and once you become a part of this company, you can be really assured with your upskilling and training. We invest completely and comprehensively in various forms of upskilling training to retain our employees. Continuous learning expands an employee’s abilities and minimizes skill gaps. As technology continues to rapidly change the way we operate. Our lookout is to consistently add technical knowledge and skills sets to our employees.

As daily work tends to take its toll on us, we organize excursions to improve work culture and team building. Teamwork is no good without cooperation. Off-road trips, camping and other adventure activities makes life and work enjoyable. We want our employees to not feel stagnant and bored. At InSnap, learning is fun. We are always adding infrastructure and facilities to make sure that coming to work is something that every one of us looks forward to. From providing lunches at office to boxed meals, snacks and taking teams out on dining, InSnap is all for outing experiences. In a workplace environment, it is not always possible to understand and know your fellow employee. Such experiences offer that insight- often that helps us coordinate and perform better.

Thus, as a company that has employee welfare as one of its cores and founding values, your and your family’s well-being becomes our responsibility from the moment you sign up with us. All we ask for is commitment to your daily work, honesty and integrity in dealing with other people and most importantly a burning drive that keeps you hungry all the time and motivates you to excel past boundaries. This is what our expectation is from you with hope that both as an organization and as an individual we can keep scaling newer heights,